Our Story

How It All Began

How does an artsy-fartsy end up making geek shirts?! It’s funny how life happens. It vaguely started when my husband, Eric (the real geek behind the scenes),¬†casually¬†suggested that I should make t-shirts for board gamers since there is such a lack of decent-looking geek shirts out there. As much as I enjoy playing board games, I was a bit skeptical at the suggestion since I really am really not THAT geeky. And, I knew virtually nothing about t-shirts or business. But the idea festered, and soon enough, I had a slew of designs drafted up that were inspired by some of our favourite games. That, I discovered, was only maybe 10% of the work.

The remaining 90% of work is enough to deter the non-committal. Not me though. I like finishing things. After numerous revisions, visiting suppliers, researching t-shirts, looking for printers, hauling around boxes back and forth, and of course, mustering up a good helping of courage, the first series of tees were finally done. It was anything but easy despite these “just being t-shirts”. Because I’m a perfectionist, you can expect quality and lots of attention to detail. I’ve dragged Eric around and made him try on countless shirts, and I’ve agonized over things like placement and colour. Because of that, you won’t find shirts with one-liners that looked like they were done in Microsoft Word and printed on a boxy garment. Our designs aim to be clever and “geeky”, but not TOO geeky that they make others around you cringe. Whether you’re a hardcore geek or a closet one, we hope the designs have married tastefulness and intelligence together in harmony.


About the Designer

Jessica Li is the face behind Geekish. She has a Bachelor of Design from York University/Sheridan College, and has extensive experience in graphic design such as packaging, brand identity, and web design. She is married to an engineer who supplies her with an endless flow of geek ideas and inspiration. They live a simple lifestyle in a small but comfortable cubby-hole in the Greater Toronto Area. She loves learning, reading, deep conversations, and of course, enjoying board games with good company.